Capacity building programs in patient advocacy

There is no shortcut to knowledge. To be able to effectively advocate for patients in all areas of need, patient advocates need to continuously build their skills and expertise.

WECAN offers courses for the patient community and stakeholders to build their knowledge, expertise and skills and improve the outcomes of all cancer patients.

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Grow your skills in patient advocacy

Blended learning 

A complete education program includes theory and practice. Our programs combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction with other patient advocates.

Evidence- based 

“Evidence-Based Patient Advocacy” means advocating in a targeted, evidence-based, well-educated and professional manner. Develop skills to lead change.

Novice and expert patient advocates 

Benefit from learning with the patient community, no matter your expertise.

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A community just for patient advocates. Learning does not stop after the course. Ask questions and engage in conversations in our community.

Key educational resources for patient advocates in the main knowledge pillars

Grow your expertise in patient advocacy

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