Evidence-Based Advocacy

“Evidence-Based Patient Advocacy” means advocating in a targeted, evidence-based, well-educated and professional manner, and measuring the impact and outcomes of their advocacy work.

It is based on three core elements: targeted advocacy towards each respective stakeholder, use of robust data about patients needs and preferences, and use of the right packaging of messages to communicate the needs to the respective target group
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Evidence generation and publication

The courses on EBA will teach you the importance of generating evidence and how to do it successfully in order to guide healthcare to focus on the true needs of patients. 

Enroll each course to learn the ins and outs of evidence-based advocacy.
  • understand what evidence-based advocacy is
  • learn from examples we already have, and the challenges we have experienced
  • developed methodological knowledge on how to implement evidence-based advocacy
  • understand the publishing process and know how to publish data of patient-led research, or be involved in the publication or review of clinician-led research
  • developed a concrete project idea on evidence-based advocacy